Connecting Airpods to Apple TV4k with TVOS 13.8

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Hi folks. As this suggests, I'm struggling to connect my airpods pro. Apparently Apple should se them automatically if they are signed in to the same ID which they are. I've tried going to bluetooth and pressing the little button on the back of the airpods case to get them connected but no good so far. I'm sure it's user error rather than a faulty pair of pods as they work fine with my mac and my iPhone. Any advice appreciated.




Submitted by Jim D on Thursday, August 6, 2020

While I don't have the AirPods Pro, when pairing the regular Airpods to my AppleTV, I did have to go through the pairing process, even though they were already working with my Mac and iPhone. Instead of just pressing the button on the back of the case, you may want to try holding it down for a couple of seconds. This puts the Airpods in pairing mode, which means they should show up in the Bluetooth section of your Apple TV. Also, you will want to do this with the pods in the case and the case open. This can be a little tricky as, in my experience, the case closes quite quickly.
Hope this helps you get things connected.