Cannot swipe from track to track in AppleTV

tvOS and Apple TV Apps

Hi all,

This is an odd one which I've just noticed. I hadn't used my AppleTV with VO for a while (the 5 year old had snagged it for games *smile*). Anyway, I do the following:

1. from the home screen, swipe across until I reach Music and press on the trackpad to select.
2. Choose "shuffle all" and press on trackpad to select.
3. when a song is playing, and suppose I just want to go to the next track, I swipe right. Instead of moving on and playing the next track, VO just speaks the title. In order to play it, I need to press on the trackpad to select it.

Is this normal in TVOS 11.0? Alternatively is there a tweak I can make in order to simply interrupt play of the currently playing track and move on to the next available one?

Thanks a lot.