Can one stream Flixter, Vudu and other Ultraviolet digital copies of movies via Airplay?

tvOS and Apple TV Apps
Quite some time ago, Warner Brothers, Sony, and I think a couple of other studios that participate in the Ultraviolet format for their digital copies stopped allowing consumers who prefer iTunes to get an iTunes code to substitute for their Ultraviolet code. I am not even sure if either the flixter or Vudu apps, the two most popular Ultraviolet apps, are accessible at all, but if they are, they do have iOS versions for every device except the Apple TV. I was wondering if anyone might know if one can stream their movies to an Apple TV using Airplay. Not a very simple way to do things, but better than nothing if it works. I keep hoping that Apple will add these apps along with an Amazon Instant app to the Apple TV, but until that happens, Airplay is the only option I can think of that might work. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris