Braille commands for Apple TV

tvOS & Apple TV Apps

As some of you know, tvOS 11 finally added support for Braille in VoiceOver, including Braille subtitles. However, I have not been able to find a list on Google of currently published Braille keyboard commands for the tvOS, as some of them appear to have not carried over with iOS.

For example, when watching a movie or show with iTunes or Netflix with iOS 11, I can press Space with Dots 1, 5, 6 to play/pause and "catch up" on that line of Braille subtitles.

However, this command does not seem to have carried over to the tvOS 11 and I haven't heard back from Apple Accessibility yet in a week.

If I use the Siri Remote's own Play/Pause button, then I lose the ability to actually read the subtitle when paused because Media Controls appear as a new VoiceOver focus on the screen.

Any ideas? Because if it still doesn't have a Braille command for play/pause at its current 11.2.1, then I might just take it back and wait for it to actually support such commands.