Audio description section on tvOS 11.4

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Hello. Since updating to TVOS 11.4 on my Apple TV, I can’t seem to find the Audio Description section on the Films apps. I am in the UK. Anyone having the same issue? Thanks..



Hi. ON the Films ap on the Apple TV, there use to be a section under Top Films that lists all films with Audio Description. Although it's not a long list, it was helpful. Since updating to TVOS 11.4, this section no longer exists. Just wondering if it's a world wide issue, or Justin the UK.

Submitted by MaleXLR on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hi Ray,

I can confirm that on the other side of the world in New Zealand, we have the same frustration. I think there used to be a section on Netflix for movies with audio description but it doesn't appear on Apple TV. I did find it on my iPhone, but the results didn't make any sense - they just showed me the movies that they wanted me to watch, that didn't even have AD!