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I've finally added the new Amazon Prime Video app to my Apple TV. I am aware that Transparent and Man in the High Castle are audio described on the service so I went to see if I could watch them with audio description. Sadly I couldn't work out how to do it if indeed it's possible.

Can anyone tell me if you can access the AD here in the UK on the new Amazon Video app please? I used the usual method of going into the media controls where there was only one option for 'English language' in the audio menu. So that obviously isn't the way to do it. And I have got 'audio descriptions' selected in the main accessibility settings for the Apple TV too (though I can't work out if that really has a useful purpose yet).

I think I'm running a version 3 box, it's the version which first introduced apps and it isn't 4k.

Any assistance appreciated. You're all amazing.

...Damon @damonrose



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, December 11, 2017

I have both the third and fourth generations of the Apple TV. I can watch something with Audio Description, if it is available, on the fourth generation; however, the third generation version doesn't appear to have it available just yet. for example, on the fourth generation, I started watching Allied, with Brad Pitt. then I wanted to resume watching on my third generation. When I accessed the movie on the third generation, the audio description track wasn't there. Hopefully Amazon will fix this and make Audio Description available for both boxes very soon. I know that it isn't the abilities of the third generation Apple TV as I have watch many things with Audio Description via Netflix on the third generation version.

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