Are There Audio-Described Movies in the iTunes Store?

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Hi all, can you tell me if there any audiodescribed movies in itunes store, are they in US store only and how can i find them and can i somewhere find information, that movie is described before buying it? thanks, Pavel.



Submitted by Joseph on Saturday, August 29, 2015

As far as I know, they're aren't any audio described movies in itunes. but then, I haven't looked at the movies section a great deal.

good morning

I will tell you how I deal with this and as I posted on a different place because I am new at this and I didn't know how to give you a answer. I am totally blind and my wife can see, so when I bought the five mini ipad 2 and we rented our first film, I get the sound coming out of a monster speaker and her she is in the bed looking at the screen right? so I thought she was going to freak out when I realize the voice you know the description was on and it was too late, she said it is fine for the first time you will also enjoy the film it does not bother me. so since that time, I didn't change much my way of doing thing, first we decide what movie we want to see and since it is me in charge of renting or purchasing the film I always click on detail and in there it will tell you before to purchase it. for exemple the latest spy comedy film if you set the setting right this movie offer description. I hope it help. I amtotaly new at this before I had a gen 4 ipod touch 32 gb, it still work like new but she said if you going to purchase something why don't you get a ipad the screen is bigger!!! I said we have a apple tv, she said I prefer the bed and anyway I ear the picture on those es excellent so that is how we do it. bye for now

Submitted by captain batman on Monday, November 23, 2015

hello again

you know I have rent 2 films one of them avengers age of ultron and I was in the store reading all I could about it and it did not say nothing about description now the question is I guess maybe it don't have it but this is not good enough, I think that the iTunes store should under detail where they say English and all that they should say description as in yes or no, but I don't want to jump the gun, maybe it is there and I miss it but I some how don't think so though I am on my pc right now but I wonder when you are on the apple divise and let's say you would like to purchase this movie, I have notice that you see a little bit of it before purchasing it right? if the setting is right on your divise I would think that the bit that you can see would have the description on before purchasing, I know for a fact that the comedy spy has it, so why don't you try to listen to what you call it I am sorry my English is not very good the part that they aloud you to see and check if you will ear the special description if yes that would be one way, not very good I will give you that, but if there is no other choice it would be better than nothing hey? so spy has it for sure ok? have a nice day.

Submitted by captain batman on Monday, November 23, 2015

You know I was having my coffee and I was thinking about this and this is just my opinion, so I want to be clear this just a opinion not a fact. but I am a Canadien and I have friends in the States and one time my friend in the States told me do you think that those film maker does this because the love us so much that they are ready to spend to please us? of course not, so he explain that in the State the American foundation do a lot of work to really take on those big type of stuff to make them do it. the tecknology is there, no excuse so here in Canada we can take at the library of the canadien institude some video with description, and I am thinking I could bet that now all or just about 99 per cent as the description would it be more a matter of the divise that has the feature under accessibility description on or off
my old ipod touch gen 4 don't offer this choice under accessibility, so more I think about it I could bet that for sure the big production they all have it, I mean sometime I take from the cnib library in Canada a 1980 movie with description. the same idea that if you have a very old tv set that don't offer those feature to get description on tv, even if the show say description is advailable for the ... well if your tv is 1970, it will not do much for you you need a new tv right , it may be the same for this but it is only a opinion. and sorry for so many post, I wa just thinking about this have a nice day.

Submitted by captain batman on Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello every one, It is not that myself, I am big on film in general but my sighted partner is though... and the first film that she wanted to see with my new mini ipad 2 by accident had the description turn on and that film did have it. And at the time I was saying just a opinion that maybe all the film has it and it depend if the person has the right machine to have access to it. Well this afternoon I have found out that I was very much so wrong, you know English is not the language that I have learn as a child so forgive me but remember the actor that got to be the governer of California, he was alson in the film total re call? and the second word of his new film is Genesis, well, we rented it and I was very surprise to see that no it did not have the description for the bolind and it is a 2015 film on the Itunes store, so now that I know this for sure, I think that I am sorry I forget the name of the person that was asking at the start, but the question is very much relevent. I forget his name, but the man that passed a way, I may be wrong but I think that he wa the man with a vision with apple, specially for the blind, a concept that everything with be under one store, we kind of allready take it like it ws always like this, but if you are old enough, remember the days that we scann hard cover books, I was braking my back doing this and it was not cheap, remember the days that all we could do with a mp3 was to push play and we were stock to listen what ever play, we had no real control, not only that now we have it all under one store but with a fantastic screen reader custom made to the machine that the person purchase, from the cheapest to expensive apple computer, well what ever this man wasdoing, since he is no longer with us, I don't know if it is in my head but it seem that apple have lost a certain sens of direction about us the blind persons, I mean, what I am about to dsay is not base and I can not back it up but it is though alwaysw some little things that in my mind under his leader ship, those small things that keep adding jup slowly and it shows after a while like for the film sold on Itune store, I bet that under his leader ship, under detail for the film there would be a place to tell the blind or the hard of earing to mention if the film has this or that feature depending of the handicap. and the person that was asking this question I think had totaly the right, and I say the word right not privilage because blind or not blind you pay the same price for the film right? so, it is not like we are asking apple something so special, simple information so that one can decide to purchase a film, not cheap anymore by the way but that is ok, but try to imagine if a sighted person would be shopping for a film on apple and let say no mention of how big is the file, they would ear about it and so on. so of course we can always shop somewhere else but I am afraind that I don't know another place good like itunes that offer so much under the same store for a blind person so you are in a way stock with it, it become negative only if the store don't play fair other wise I love the itune store so much, I must have over 20 thousand dollars of musics books and film on my 3 thousand gb external hard drive, I honestly don't beleive it myself I was just trying to count one day for the fun of it, it got me too mervous I didn't finish the count. I hope that the people with apple will take notice of this because it is important to some people and some days I may be alone and I sure would like to know before purchasing about description it just make sens. but I just wanted to say I am sorry, I guess my sens of basic logic didn't work this time and I was wrong. I am sorry. Itunes is still my best store to shop and great products. sorry for the long post.