Apple tv, never put up with inaccessible pay tv guides or tv websites ever again, complete review and a few tips to get started

tvOS and Apple TV Apps
Apple tv is finally here in Australia, and what's more, completely accessible straight out of the box. Buy this item for only $129 Australian currency. Comes with the very latest i o s firmware version 4.21. Tips. To sink any content from your iphone, ipad or ipod, the o s must be 4.21 on the device with which you want to sink. Tip, anyone who doesn't have access to a wireless network should not consider this purchase unless you can either set up a wireless network, or access a wireless network. Take the apple tv out of the box, plug the usb into your computer. Insure universal access has the enable assistive devices checked. Turn on the apple tv, and voice over should immediately start. Description of product. Slightly bigger than an iphone, but still extremely light and portable, the apple tv is the solution for any blind person. Watch movies you previously downloaded from itunes, put in a dvd in your computer and it comes up on the screen. Superb sound quality. Hook it up to speakers, bluetooth it with your Mac. Connect it to your existing wireless network and sink transfers and purchases take only moments to download or sink. Sink video podcasts from your iphone, ipad or ipod or computer. Find tv shows in the itunes store, add your own reviews, select from different sections of shows, drama, science fiction, comedy, kids, movies and more. Also comes with headphones. Price is a steal only $129 Australian currency. Absolutely and completely fully accessible straight out of the box. Want to try watching internet tv, now you can with apple tv, requires a little bit of tinkering, but definitely worth it and it's legal and it really works. The US recently launched a website Ok technically speaking, this is only meant for American users, but it's only $9 Australian per month, no contracts, just pay for a month, then unsubscribe at the end if you're not satisfied. Basically, this site works like your corner dvd shop. You can watch movies and even buy them, note, buying is an additional price and will depend on how recent the movie was released. The trick to get this to work is to trick your apple tv in to thinking you're in the US, but that's the easy part. I seriously recommend you do this from the computer with your apple tv connected to an existing wireless gateway. Ok from your computer, change countries in your itunes store to United states. Ok open the itunes menu, select the advanced menu, From here select open url and type in Put in your own address, but select United States as your country and register an account, note, image verification is used to register, so try or sighted assistance, unfortunately, no audio versions of the images were available. Ok enter your credit card details. Select 1 month. Ok you are asked to confirm, and you are then sent a confirmation email. Open the confirmation email, in there, you should find a link confirming your details and order etc. Select this link and follow any further instructions. Like I say, no contracts, no catches, perfectly legal, and completely accessible. Download and watch any content from this site to your apple tv, tip, don't attempt to download anything unless you have access to a wireless network. Are you a foxtel subscriber. You'll be pleased to know that foxtel mobile works with this device, note, users not using the Telstra next g network are strongly advised not to try doing this without consulting your current internet mobile provider. Tip, usually will only work with Telstra next g mobile network. Simply connect the apple tv to the internet and select and subscribe to the foxtel mobile channels of your choice. Want to know what's on your home foxtel service, download the iphone version of the foxtel guide app found in your entertainment straight to your apple tv, note, you won't be able to watch anything, but at least you will know what's going to be on next. If you can get a sighted person and you have a windows computer, you can however access the foxtel tv player and then watch tv shows streamed directly to your apple tv. Mac users, this foxtel player is not accessible for any Mac even with sighted assistance. Minimum windows o s windows 2000 is required. Tip, this player doesn't work with any screen reading technology that I know of, admittedly, I have not tried it with zoomtext or magic as I am totally blind, but I suspect that they won't work with the exception of magnifying the screens, in other words, don't try using the voice at all. So what computers can be connected with an apple tv. Almost any computer, note, the computer must have a usb port and be able to access a wireless network. Windows users using j tunes should note, apple tv also supports this application. After a full recharge, the battery can last up to 10 hours of continuous use. Do I have to be connected to a wireless network to watch shows already downloaded to the apple tv? No, once the show is downloaded, you can watch or listen at your leisure, take the apple tv anywhere. What sort of warrantee do I get? You get 12 months warrantee, an extra or extended warrantee can be purchased from any authorised apple retailer or the online apple store, definitely worth the price for the extended warrantee only $29 Australian for up to 3 years of apple care, includes telephone support and most servicing and repairs, tip, read the terms of the warrantee. Any more questions? Contact me Steven Taylor in the following ways. Steven Taylor. Phone home. 613 97478067. Phone mobile. 61457343856. email me at Find me on skype at steventaylor10 Tweet me at steventaylor101. Please do not reverse charges if calling me on land line or mobile thanks.