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Hello everyone,
I bought a 32 GB Fourth Gen apple TV for myself for Christmas and love it.
I've got two questions. One about Netflix, and a question regarding Pluto TV, for those who have the app and use it.
1. What is the gesture to bring up the audio tracks for a show? Subtitles, etc?
I know that we can't change the track to audio description yet, which brings me to my next question: Apparently there is an article number I can refer to to help support turn it on in the meantime while we wait for the bug to be fixed. Does anyone know this number?
2. Using Pluto TV and direct Touch, is there a way to browse channel by channel? I was on channel 176, for example, and swiping up, which goes up the list I think? brought me to channel 173. Also, right now I'm on the Young Tirks channel, which I guess plays nonstop episodes of this show. It says that it is playing a hover boards video, but this has long since past.
How do I get to channel 174, for instance? I wish there was a way I can just swipe through the channels and select one that seems interesting, rather than surfing. I like being able to swipe up and down to have that TV feel, but CH260 is Cartoons. Is there an easy way to get to this?

Also, I highly suggest AppleVis create an Apple TV app directory. We can add Pluto TV to the iOS directory, but it's inaccessible on iOS. It'd be inaccessible on Apple TV too, but Direct Touch makes it usable.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Sunday, December 13, 2015

I also use the Apple TV fourth generation and love it. Here is what I did to get audio description enabled. I contacted the Customer Service line and simply asked them to enable it. To save you time, be sure to sign out before calling. After they enabled it they asked me to try something. I chose an episode of NCIS season 4 because I know it has descriptions there. It didn't work. They asked me to sign out and then back in. When I did, then it worked. Listed below is the US customer service number and the article reference number, which I didn't even mention to them.

Customer Service: 1-800-585-7265
Refer to article or reference number 32751 to enable audio descriptions.