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Hi all

Posting this to those new to Apple TV or have heard of it, but don't know what it actually is? Below is what I understand from research. Enjoy!

Letting you know I will be treating myself to a new gadget in the next week. It's the Apple TV. This is not actually a TV; it's a box you connect to your TV and effectively converts your regular television into a smart one. With Apple TV, you can:
Rent or purchase movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store as well as watch them on your Apple TV
Listen to music stored in iTunes in the Cloud, including those you have uploaded thanks to iTunes Match
Watch unlimited movies and TV shows thanks to Netflix
Watch videos on Youtube
and more, depending on what channels are available in your region. For example we have Now TV and Sky News in the UK as well as the other channels available worldwide, with or without a subscription.
Other things you can do include:
View photos and videos stored in your iCloud photolibrary
Stream content wirelessly from your PC or Mac to your Apple TV
A note on accessibility: unlike other smart televisions, apple TV is fully accessible out of the box thanks to VoiceOver and video description, which isn't available yet on the iTunes Store but will be forthcoming. Video description is now available on Netflix.
Cost £59.00 as of now instead of the £79.00 due to Apple possibly coming out with a new model some time this year.