amazon prime on the apple tv

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Is there anyway to bypass the screenreader for amazon prime on the apple tv? It is horrible and you can't control the speach.



Submitted by hope on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hi all,
I just got an apple tv a few weeks ago. I generally like it a lot better then the fire tv that it is connected to. I don't like that you unfortunately con't pass the welcome screen on prime video though. It also sucks that the default Samantha voice is the one they choose and you can't fix it. I wish you could have your voiceover voice speak everything to you. having to also use direct touch to navigate those menus is also a challenge, since it is a little sensitive at times. Prime video does have audio description. Its in the settings on the aple tv itself. Go in their uder accessibility. After you turn that on, any time theirs audio description on a movie you should have it.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Sunday, June 21, 2020

Hello Troy. How I wish there were some flexibility in this app. I haven't found any way of avoiding the welcome screen or adjusting the Samantha voice that is used in the app. It's frustrating. However, just ignore it as much as you can, because the app is otherwise good. There is a lot of content available and I find it worth the aggravation. Here's to hoping that Amazon releases their grip on the app so that we can adjust things, soon.