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Hi folks. Well, despite a few little teething problems, I am loving my new Apple TV 4K. However, I have just one question which I hope someone can resolve for me. According to the user guide, I should be able to put my Apple TV to sleep immediately by accessing tvOS control centre which, apparently, I do by pressing and holding down the home button. If I do this for a couple of seconds, voice-over announces the date, but when I swipe up or down or left or right on the control pad, I hear a tone like I am swiping through menu options, but voice-over says nothing.. The only way I can immediately put my Apple TV to sleep is to access the settings menu and then go to sleep now and press down on the touchpad. Is it possible that pressing and holding down home is not accessing the control Centre like it should? Or are other people having this problem as well? Thanks



Submitted by Paul on Monday, August 10, 2020

You are accessing the control center, but for whatever reason, VO doesn’t read it in direct touch mode. I don’t know about the follow focus mode, which is similar to direct touch, but using a rotor setting like characters and swiping through the elements does seem to work as expected.

Submitted by Kerry Fielding on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hi Paul. Yep. It is most definitely bug. Another friend of mine was able to replicate it. I have sen the info to Apple Accessibility and they can also replicate. Let's hope they fix it for TVOS 14.

Submitted by LarryMac on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Since the update on November 3. 2020 I have been problems with Net Flix. The list of 27 headings is very hard to navagate. I also find it more difficult to get from on listing to another. Net Flix says it is an Apple issue. Has anyone had any luck with any 3rd party remotes that don't have a swipe pad?