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at one point long time ago I bought an Apple tv, not sure of the gen, I would say about four or five ago. It did have voice over on it. but for many reason, mostly at the time we did not have a tv set that was working well with it and maybe I was not into it, I gave it to my brother, but after reading on the apple store on line all the good thing that come with the latest, I am sure that a lot of people have one, I have 2 question, I was told that you can purchase one model at about 2 hundred dollars and one at 266, I got those prices from a apple store over the phone, but the man was very busy, I didn't want to take much of his time does anyone knows the difference between the 2 model? and maybe I would appreciate to know from the one that own one, what do you like the most about it from a total blind point of view? I thank you in advancde.



Submitted by Devin on Sunday, October 9, 2016

the difference between the two models is the storage included, the cheaper device contains 32 gigs of storage and the pricier option contains 64 gigs. Unless you are downloading a great deal of apps or many games, I would suggest that the 32 gig model would be sufficient since most media is streamed to the device anyway.
I can't speak to the functionality as I have not upgraded to the latest model yet myself.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Sunday, October 9, 2016

I own the third generation and the fourth generation models. I much prefer the latest generation, which is the fourth generation model. This model has a touch pad remote with six buttons. You have access to Siri to perform searches and start playing media such as music. There is an app store for downloadable content. I agree with the above post which stated to purchase the 32 GB model unless you plan on downloading many games, which, to my knowledge, the games are mostly not accessible to the Voiceover user anyway. The three apps that get the most use on my Apple TV include Netflix, CBS All Access, and Apple Music. The fourth generation model is a huge step forward in terms of functionality and content. I'm certainly glad I purchased mine.

Submitted by Siobhan on Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hi. I don't know what country you livein, but your prices are about a hundred dollars off. It's about 149 for the 32gb option, add fifty bucks more or 199 for the 64gb option. I would have taken the 32, except the store I got it from was ofering the same price for the larger model, so I jumped on it. Don't forget you have your music library, i don't use apple music, yourphotos, videos, and also any tv shows you want. I mean movies not videos. Oops? I haven't downloaded any apps yet, i am buying a new tv so I'llhave to reinstall the tv again. The touch pad remote, I am not souch a fan of, the track pad is so little I find myself messing up a lot trying to turn the roter action to what i need. I'll probably start loking for apps. The newest model also lets you use a bluetooth keyboard which helps in using the keyboard for imputing passwords and things. There's an american holiday Columbus day, so you might want to see if the Apple tv is on sale.

Submitted by captain batman on Monday, October 10, 2016

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since I am on window 8 when I try to click on replies it does not work, so I have copie the link and used google so I want to say thanks to everyone for your answer, in regard to the country, I am in Canada and the prices that I have mention I got that over the phone from the apple store in Edmonton, I may not have the number right but the model at 266, that one I am sure, and the lower price was about 2 hundred. I guess our dollar is not strong right now, we are use to that, big smile, and I just want to say a word to the teem, no, I didn't think anythink, I just thought after thought that what I had said ws out of line, just my light paranoia , big smile, thanks to be good sport. but I will try to get an apple tv again now that we have up to date tv set.