Turning Watch on and off

I have an Apple Watch.
Currently, I have it hiding in the cupboard because I am afraid to use it due to Apple's new emergency contact feature with holding down - I forget which button - so I am worried about how I will turn it off or would I get the emergency number by accident and call 9-1-1 without meaning to, not be able to hear the call cuz I'm profoundly deaf, then have an ambulance come because I couldn't explain the call was just an accident and not to send help. How do I disable this feature that I will never never never want to use by mistake?
Apple makes it sound like the procedure for turning the Watch off is the same as emergency call? That would make it kinda hard to power off...
Maybe I missed something so that is why I am asking here.
I only use the Watch for vibrating the time which is a totally cool feature IMHO, and for the alarm which also vibrates. I can hear VO a little, but it's usually too quiet and talks to fast for me. I do settings via the iPhone which works in braille.


You can disable the

You can disable the emergency sOS by:
1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
2. Double tap on general.
3. Double tap on "emergency sOS."
4. Turn off "hold to auto call." This will disable the functionality of pressing and holding the side (rectangular) button which automatically calls 911. However, the emergency sOS is still accessible on the power off screen.