Tunein Radio problem

Tunein radio is no longer accessible. Does anybody know why? thank you


works fine here

hi just opened it up over here works fine
what kind of issues are you running into
are you using tune-in radio pro or just tune-in radio

yeah accessibility is broken

hi just opened tune-in radio yeah accessibility is broke i can pick local radio and all the categories but from there its changed its laid out different

Sent a email to TuneIn Support, got a response.

Hello! I got a response from TuneIn Support regarding the accessibility problem. Here is the message.

"Hello. Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. I will pass this on to our development team. After they review this problem, we should have this feature fixed in a future release. I apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support of tuneIn!

Tunein Problem

Everything is fine here but it is fair to say that the layout is different. You can't just swipe through the content, you have to physically find things like browser, profile etc with your finger and then activate the area you are interested in. Searching could be better though because at present, search results are inconsistent. Sometimes, programmes are listed first before the stations in the search results.

Tune-In radio pro

I'm using Tune-In radio pro 8.1 version. When I open the app I can't find all my favorite stations. This is one of my favorite radio app after ootunes.

thank you

I will try that see if I can get around it.

Tunein Radio Problem

If you feel down the left hand edge of the screen, you should hopefully find the profile, browse and search buttons. When it says profile, double tap and your favourites should appear. Hope this helps.

I'm using iOS 8.41 on an

I'm using iOS 8.41 on an iPhone 5. I don't see the problems you people are describing; the tabs for Profile, Browse, etc. are still along the bottom of the screen and my Favorites as shown when I hit the My Profile are just as I'd expect. Likewise, once I hit Browse and wait for the screen to populate, all works as desired. I never use searches so can't comment. And, of course, the alarm hasn't worked for many moons. Oh yes: I'm running TuneIn Radio Pro.

Mike Freeman

They sure did

They did fixed the problem and the app it's now fully accessible again with VoiceOver. Thank you