Trouble With Voiceover Script On Mac

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Hello everybody

I use Voiceover scripts on my Mac by holding down the Right Option Key and pressing a letter, such as m for mail and t for time. After upgrading to Catalina, most of these scripts seem to work just fine, except t for time. When I press Right Option Key t to speak the date and time, the date and time are not spoken for about 30 seconds or longer. Has anybody else come across this issue? How did you resolve it?


It's broken and apple are aware

I use customised scripts wait, I used to use customised scripts. The ones you are using are the ones that come with VoiceOver and even then, they are broken. It's something to do with using commander with all scripts.

A work around is to turn the script into an app, saving it and, in the keyboard commander section, to call on the app with the shortcut rather than the script.

Apple accessibility are aware of this issue and say that they are working on it.

Actually that kind of quit

Actually that kind of quit working fo rme. I hear time app is launched in the background then that's it. The app flashes for about 2 seconds but vo never speaks the time. I have to hammer on the key about 4-5 times for this to work.

I think VoiceOver has to

I think VoiceOver has to finish reading what ever it has in the chamber first. If you do it whilst typing, for exampkle, I'm just doing it now it works fine, but if you're app hopping it doesn't work so well and control doesn't work becausee it just stops the current feed of what VoiceOver is trying to say dead.

I hope they get it sorted soon as I use scripting a lot to automate my Dungeons&Dragons sessions for changing music, doing dice rolls and pulling up information.

Trouble With VoiceOver Script

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I actually tried your suggestion of waiting for Voiceover to finish speaking before pressing right Option t, but the problem persists. I am not sure how to turn a script into an app, but if that would serve as a temporary work-around, I wouldn't mind trying that. I hope Apple fixes this soon.

Instruction for making your very own applet

Hey, okay, here goes.

1. Locate the script you wish to turn into an app and bring it up in script editor.
2. Duplicate the script by pressing command shift and S, or by doing it through the file menu.
3. It will ask you for a name but just escape out of this for the moment.
4. Now, press command S to save and tab through to 'file format'.
5. Hit spacebar and select 'app'.
6. Set a name and location to save your applet and then save.
7. Over in VoiceOver, VO F8 (you may have to press the function key too), head down to commanders, go onto the keyboard tab.
8. Find or create the key you want to use for the shortcut and point it, using the custom actions menu, at the applet you've just created.

Note, you need to have 'allow VoiceOver to be controlled with apple script' on in the general menu of the VoiceOver settings.

Hope this helps and note that it's still not perfect. Even with the applet the time thing can be iffy, as I say, you need to make sure VoiceOver doesn't have a string of words in its mouth when you are trying to do it.

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