Trouble using the newest version of Uber

I was notified that the version of Uber was no longer supported and prompted to update. When I updated, the only thing that voice over reads is the UberX button at the bottom of the screen. I am using an I Phone 5 running IOS 7.1.2. Has anyone noticed this? I did submit a form, but have not heard back yet. Thanks.


#1 BlindSquare with Uber

If you have BlindSquare, see if you can get uber to work through the blindSquare app.

#2 Hi.

I've noticed that you can't flick around on the main screen. You have to drag a finger around the screen to find the elements.

#3 Thanks for the suggestion of using Blind Square

I will give this a try the next time I need an uber ride.

#4 Think that was the previous version

Hi Justin, I think that was the version before this newest update. Before that is what I could do also, but in the newest version there is nothing that I see on the screen except the UberX button at the bottom just above the home key when in portrait mode.

#5 Hmm Thats interesting. I

Hmm Thats interesting. I remember when I updated uber a couple of weeks ago, I could drag a finger around the screen and the pickup location would be announced. I haven't played around with the app since then however.

#6 What is happening is, the

What is happening is, the screen is totally inaccessible for people who are on iOS 7; dragging the finger or the flicking gestures do not make Voiceover detect any element. The only thing that Voiceover detects are the buttons at the bottom of the screen; the ones that show the different types of Uber. For people who are on iOS 8, the elements on the screen can still be detected by Voiceover if one drags their finger on the screen. The flicking gesture does not work there either.
Either way, there is a problem for sure. And I would highly encourage everyone to email as well as their respective city's support email address. The more people report this issue to them, the better and quicker the chances that this issue can be resolved in the next update.
Please email them!

#7 Interestingly...

I just hopped onto the app, never really used it, but in the updated version I felt my way to account and to share, I then shared it on Facebook for the promo code. When I returned to the app it was flickable again. Not a great fix, but seems if you navigate away and back it might work. Kinda nervous about using it actually...

#8 Thanks for the insight. A

Thanks for the insight. A friend and I both have the Uber app. He has the latest version of IOS whereas I do not. I was unable to use the app (except via the workaround through BlindSquare), while he was able to drag his finger to the various elements and request a ride. Now I understand why this is the case. Uber is currently undercutting their competitor Lyft in our city by about 30%, but I've found Lyft drivers to be friendlier and the app has gotten more accessible for me as they've updated (can now edit my feedback to the drivers, for instance), so I'll be sticking with Lyft for now.

#9 New Update v2.59

Really disappointed to report that the new update that was released today still doesn't fix the main screen issues. Not for me anyway. Still can't locate any elements apart from the buttons at the bottom. Neither by the flicking gesture, nor by dragging my finger on the screen.

#10 uber

Unfortunetly Lyft has decided to suspend operations in our city do to leagalities so we only have uber. The way I fixed this issue is luckily I had a previous version on ITunes that I was able to load on to my phone. I just loaded it just now and it seems to work. I was not notified that it would no longer be supported, so if you have the old backup you may want to delete the new version and reinstall the one that was still accessible.

#11 Hello. I contacted uber and

Hello. I contacted uber and they told me there should be an update on Monday that will finally fix the flicking issue.

#12 New Update

Well, the new update was released today. Things haven't changed for me and the issue persists. Meaning, I don't see any change in the behavior; Voiceover, for me, will not pick up any elements on the screen apart from the buttons on the bottom. Has anyone else tried the new update? Noticed anything different?

#13 hey.

Its the same on my end, drag to the pickup location and the uberx button at the bottom. So, yeah, it's the same here to.

#14 Hello. I have e-mailed uber

Hello. I have e-mailed uber once again but have yet to get a response. I plan to work with them until this issue is resolved. I still have the same issue on my 6 plus on 8.1.3

#15 Continue to email them

I am going to do the same; email them again about it. At least it's somewhat usable on iOS 8, even though that really isn't any solution to the problem, or any justification for them to not fix the issue. Especially as they continue to respond by telling us that it'll be resolved asap. On iOS 7, the main screen is totally inaccessible.

#16 I Emailed again

I have also emailed them again.

#17 New Update, Version 2.64

Uber just released a new version of the app today. I'm happy to report that the main screen is now accessible again! I can locate all elements with Voiceover with the flicking gesture as well as by dragging my finger on the screen. This was not the case in the previous few versions where I was not able to locate any elements on the screen by both techniques.
This was the behavior on iOS 7.
I do have one issue to report though. Not so much of an issue, but more of an error maybe? And a goofy one at that. When you use the flick gestures, Voiceover seems to go over the buttons for the Uber types first, followed by the buttons for Account/Menu, Messages, Pick Up Address and the ETA button. When you drag your finger on the screen however, the Account/Menu button, the Messages button, the Pick Up Address field and the ETA buttons are in the top half of the screen. Just like they have always been. Basically, its like, Voiceover first goes through the bottom half of the screen, then the top half, when using the flick gestures.
In other words, Voiceover navigation on the main screen is reversed, when using the flick gestures.
Anyone else noticed this? I'm interested in seeing if this is an iOS 7 specific thing, or if its happening on iOS 8 too.
Again, this is not much of an issue, and not really a complaint since it is easy to get around, but just reporting some very goofy behavior.

Thanks to Uber for making an effort and fixing the Voiceover bugs. Though it took them a while, at least, they finally took our feedback into consideration and made the main screen accessible again. So, definitely appreciate it.

#18 I have noticed the same thing

I have noticed the same thing on IOS 8. But I'll take it. :) At least now we can flick through it. :) I'm glad to see uber follow through on a voiceover fix. I will bring this up to them but I don't want to seem like I'm complaining. They did stick to their word about the march 3 update.

#19 Surge pricing

Really glad to see that this fix has made it onto the App Store.

One question: I've seen inaccessibility of the surge pricing confirmation screen mentioned in other threads. Does anybody know whether this has also been reported and fixed? Surge pricing doesn't seem to happen much on my patch, but I'll keep checking the app at times that are likely to be busy if needs be.

#20 Hmm

I've been able to use all versions of Uber without problems. Granted, the versions preceding the latest one (as of a few days ago) were a bit inconvenient to use, but they weren't impossible.

#21 Surge Pricing

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When I used Uber after the latest update, I was notified about surge pricing. IT informs you that, due to very high volume of traffic, surge pricing is in effect and to what monetary extent. It then gives you the option of going ahead or waiting until later. No problems at all reading it.

#22 pretty easy to use here

Overall, Uber isn't really a hard app to use. I did have a bit of trouble yesterday with the trip actions screen where you can contact the driver, cancel the trip, etc. For whatever strange reason on my room mates 5 s, she had to double tap the trip actions button a few times before those choices came into view. We did eventually get it going, and both trips we took went off without a hitch. I am a huge fan of Uber and encourage others to use it whenever possible. Also splitting a fare with someone is not hard to do, another friend of mine showed me how to do that over the weekend, I'd never tried it before. Uber rocks.

#23 Success

Agree that Uber rocks! What a great service being added as a transportation option. Very glad that they have made use of it possible now to those who are using IOS 7. I am greatful to have this service offered in Wichita, KS!

#24 never used uber yet.

i have never used uber yet. but i got the latest up date. just in case i need it one day. since one of my friends told me that are regular taxi company here its now 3 dollars to get in the car. and its 2 dollars a mile here. in the detroit area. so i downloaded uber as another opction for me. casue i may need it if no one is around to take me some where, but the main screan looks good. i can read everything with voice over. and i do like how you can pick a uber ride right through blind square. that is neet.