Trouble entering passcode on my iPhone 8

Hi, Applevis folks.

When I'm asked to enter my passcode on my iPhone, and double-tap the screen or hit Enter on my braille display, the typing keyboard won't come up. The only time I can get it to come up is when I power off the phone, and then restart it. Any help would be much appreciated.


#1 Re Trouble entering passcode on my iPhone 8

I have found that the on-screen keyboard is never displayed if the phone is connected via bluetooth to a keyboard or Braille device. It seems that you can't use a bluetooth input device and the on-screen keyboard at the same time.

#2 Actually, there's a setting I

Actually, there's a setting I found that solves this problem. Just go to Settings > General > accessibility > VoiceOver > Braille. There’s a setting called “Show On-screen Keyboard.” By default, it is switched to off. Double-tap it so the setting is switched to on, and you should be able to enter your passcode via the on-screen keyboard by activating the keys (clicking a cursor router on the virtual key.)

P.S.: for Bluetooth keyboards, there should be a key that toggles the visibility of the on-screen keyboard. I happen to have a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and this key is on the very top right.

#3 Enterring the passcode

You could always try using the bluetooth keyboard or braille display to enter it, though it might be a little more unpredictable at first with the braille display depending on both Voiceover's braille settings and the passcode type you select.
However, there is a switch as mentioned above to control the hiding of on-screen keyboards when a braille display is connected.