Transferring Apple ID after death of a spouse

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hi. my dad purchased a ipad mini 2 32 gb wifi. he suddenly died. can my other parent, can she legally be able to transfer ownership of the apple id, or change the name of the person. or does she need to contact apple. ps: what's the legal status?in australia.


#1 My condolences to you and

My condolences to you and yours. You might want to call apple on this as I'm not in your part of the world. I would think you need to provide proof of death and so forth, but try contacting them first to see what apple has to say about this.

Good luck.

#2 Condolences

My heart goes out to you and your family after this event. I do not think that you will be able to do anything much with this situation unfortunately, but you should ask Apple all the same.

#3 Condolences

I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know much about this, but you should contact Apple.

#4 was the account password known

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Did your father store the apple ID password somewhere? In that case, it would be legal to use the reset option to transfer ownership. However, if you are having problems getting into the device, it might be more helpful to attempt a different entry method. Either way, the machine is now owned by the living spouse (assuming the will says so), so it should be legal to access the device if possible.

#5 Condolences

I'm sorry for your loss
so if you have access to the email address who your dad was using as apple ID, you are able to change the
apple ID passcode
after doing this you are able to view the apple ID and make changes
such edit the name, address, add or remove credit cards and so more
first search on google for
forgot my apple ID passcode or click the link below
later after change the passcode open the browser and type
and make changes
so that I know is not possible transfer the purchase to different apple ID
however changing the Handle name, email address and payment info technically you are the owner of the account.