Is there a free iOS app that will let me record and share podcasts?

Can anyone recomend any free apps for iOs that lets you start a podcast feed, and record and upload episodes?


I don't think such a thing

I don't think such a thing exists. For most host you have to pay for podcast hosting if the file exceeds a certain limit and they don't let you uupload files straight from ios, unless you do audio boom. That's free and allows 10 minutes per posting. That app is totally accessible. You can also upload through boom mail which uses your email.

Audio boom

If I use audio boom, will the podcast be available on iTunes and other podcatchers?

I don't think so.

As I understand it, audiobook is its own thing, so a person could only access it from there site.

Yes it will be. Just give

Yes it will be. Just give them a link to your rss feed I cant' remember how to get there as it's been a while bu I believe it's doable.

Have a question

I have successfully signed up, and logged in for Audio boom. My question is: does VoiceOver go silent when recording?

Voiceover does not go silent.

Voiceover does not go silent. It goes through the hand set. Also the rss feed will work in any podcast client.

By the way if you want to follow me on audio boom my links are

Good luck

Some questions

How do I find and follow other people? Also, does AudioBoom create an RSS feed for you?

Audio boom creates an rss

Audio boom creates an rss feed but I can't remember how to get there. To follow other people find them when logged on, then follow. You can also import your twitter account and follow those on there as well. I have over 400 followers and am following 380 people. I also have over 2200 booms you can listen to on my personal account. Not so many on my podcast or music accounts though. It's grate.

My username

Do you want me to tell you my name on audioBoom so you can follow me. I don't have any booms yet, but I'm planning on posting one soon.

Get the word out there so

Get the word out there so you can gain as many followers as you can. Do this on twitter, facebook, what ever it takes. If you can find the rss feed you can use feedburner to shorten it even further.