Is there an app that will let me listen to live wind, rain and sea sounds?

Good morning! I'm looking for something a bit complicated, I'd like to find an application or a site, naturally accessible, that allows me to listen to the sounds of wind, rain and sea but live, not with sounds already recorded! Is there something like that? Thank you!


#1 Weather Gods

Not sure if this is quite what you're looking for, but Weather Gods plays these sounds. As far as I know the sounds only work in the app itself, so you couldn't have them as ambient noise or something. Additionally, I think the app only works on an iPhone at least for now but someone feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. This app is listed on here and is very accessible. Hth and good luck.

#2 spotify, youtube

there are millions of them on spotify and on youtube

#3 Travelear

This is an app - and I think perhaps also a website? that has live recordings of many, many things. I bet you could find what you're looking for on there. The recordings are also binaural, so it really sounds like you're "there".