texting and phone apps for iPad

Good day. has anyone sent SMS text message from an iPad using either wifi or the cellular data plan? If so what apps did you use? Also, phone calls, what apps did you use for that? I am working with a low vision client and since our agency is not able to purchase iPhones I need to find an alternative. WE can purchase the iPad air with a cellular plan. Thanks.



Viber is a great app for calling and texting from the iPad.

Texting App Suggestions

I have tried an app called Text Now which seems to be accessible for the most part.
it is a free app and you setup an account and enter your area code to get a number.


Does Viber not require a iPhone? When I signed up, it asked for a number, a cell number where the conformation code to register would be sent.

Viber is indeed a good solution

Hello John,
As Isaac suggests, Viber is a good solution. I have used it as an alternative on my iPhone when visiting other countries (I live in the UK) as it is rather expensive to use your monthly allowance when outside your own country in Europe. Last year, some family members were staying in a different location on the island of Majorca and I used Viber quite successfully to contact them by telephone and text message. The service is free if the people you are contacting also have Viber but I believe there is a payment plan if you need to contact someone that does not have Viber on their iPhone or other Apple device. I used Wi-Fi but I believe you can also use the celular if you have that facility. The quality is really good and you can hear when using the telephone really well.
The problem that another poster mentions is not that great. You do need a telephone number in order to use Viber but in my case, I used an old pay as you go number that I had with a mobile phone that was left in a drawer at home. The problem I forsee is that you need to confirm the telephone number you use and this is done by text message. You enter the telephone number you want to use and a message is then sent to the number in question. You then have to copy a code into Viber in order for the number to work and this is displayed in the text message. Therefore, you will need an old mobile phone with a little credit on it. Other than that, Viber is accessible and I have used it a lot on several devices, as I say with my iPhone, my ipad 2 and my daughters iPod, all work fine.


I've tried or seen a few apps

I've tried or seen a few apps that work. I used to be a big user of textfree. then the app became quite inaccessible. text me I've seen. From what I'vs seen, it works oh. Now I am using textnow. There are two of these apps. textnow clasic, and textnow plus voice. Both of these work good. But to get the most out of textnow I would use textnow plus voice. A few buttonws could be labeled better, but if you're willing to remember what they are, or relable them, textnow can be a great app to use. One other thing to note is that sometimes adds can mess with the keyboard , for voiceover at least so, as of right now buy the add free package.
Not sure where you're from, but in the US, comcast and other cable places that offer home phone servuses may also have apps that tie in with there servus and let you text and call if you're already signed up. Comcast connect is the app for comcast which lets you check comcast email, as well as make calls and text from within the app. it works great and also uses your home phone number.