Telegram version 5.0 appears to be completely inaccessible

The latest version of telegram appears to be completely inaccessible I sent a note via the telegram support page, but received no response.


#1 IM+ as semi-workaround

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I too was more than frustrated noticing that 5.0 was still inaccessible. In their „What‘s New“ they claim to have rewritten the whole thing. It would have been a wonderful time to integrate accessibility.
Still, there has been talk of some kind of workaround, discussed here:
You can (kind of) use the IM+ Messenger to at least gain access to text messages.
Listening to Voice Messages should work, but at least in my case, it doesn‘t.
PS: Ah, just noticed you left a comment on that thread as well, so you already knew about the workaround...s

#2 checking out im+pro as a replacement for telegram

I have been checking out im+pro as a replacement for telegram. I have found 2 serious problems. The home screen shows all recent conversations, but there appears to be no way to delete these conversations. Also, there isn't a "contacts" tab & I find no way to display the contact list, or send messages to those contacts. Perhaps those essential functions are hiding somewhere in the app. Is there a way to send a complaint to Apple regarding telegram inaccessibility?