syncing music to my iphone

Hi, i wonder if anyone can help me with a syncing problem. I have been trying to sync a particular playlist to my phone, but for some reason, whatever options i have set it to, it will only sem to sync the same songs over and over again. When i sellect sync entire library, i am told that there are only 274 songs in my library (there is not, in actual fact i have around 8000), and even when i select manage music manually it won't do anything at all. I have also reinstalled itunes, have restored my phone twice and have set to reset sync history under device preferences, but none of these methods seem to have solved the problems. The only other thing i have not tried is to copy and paste the individual songs from the playlist i want to sync to my iphone one song at a time, which i would rather not do if there is a simpler option that i have overlooked! Any tips would be most welcome as this is getting to be very frustrating ... my patience is wearing very thin! Oh yes ... the other thing i forgot to mention is that a few times when i have tried to sync automatically, i receive the following message: "itunes could not copy all songs in library (something like that) including song xxx by artist xxx, because the itunes library files could not be found" Also, it says i have only 274 songs in the library, but it will only copy 115 of them! I am totally confused! Please help me here! pss: i do not get that message every time i try to sync; it only seems to happen every so often.


Same problem I've had!

I've had the exact same problem. I should have over 800 songs in my iTunes library, but it only shows 390, and only syncs those 390 songs. I've tried deleting all the songs and starting over, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, even called Apple tech support. Nothing has fixed it. A friend told me this is a bug, and that's what the Apple tech guy said too. However, until now, no one I know has had this problem. I was beginning to think it was just me. Thank you for posting this. Yes, if anyone has suggestions or has also had this problem, please let us know.

If iTunes is reporting a

If iTunes is reporting a problem finding the files, they aren't going to sync until you solve that. It could be that you moved the files and didn't tell iTunes, you deleted the files, or someone else did this, or your storage device is having troubles. If you go into the music location on the computer, can you see all the files you think should be there? You may have a corrupted library. Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes may not fix a broken library. You may need to do a little digging, find and remove the offending library files, and have iTunes recreate them from scratch. You might also have the option to only sync checked items turned on. If some items don't have this check box checked, they won't sync. If you don't use the check box to manage music, make sure that iTunes isn't set to only sync checked items. This would not be related to the problem iTunes is having finding the files, but it may explain why some aren't being synced.


I will give that a try--i have been wondering if a corrupted library is the root of it. Will go through things again, and see what i can find. I turned genius off as well and that doesn't seem to have made any difference. Will let you know how it goe. Would a broken library explain why sometimes, when i'm scrolling the list of songs in the library, itunes suddenly crashes? Would it also explain when i get the alert message: "itunes library cannot be saved, because there is not enough memory available. Do not warn me again check box checkd". Should i check this box? Not sure what it is referring to here.

Unfortunately mine still

Unfortunately mine still isn't working, even after trying all of this. When I reinstalled iTunes, I also deleted the entire iTunes library folder, but it's still having the same problems. I did select the "sync all music" checkbox, and experimented with all the other various settings, but nothing works. Maybe the next iTunes update will fix things. I'm hoping.

think i might have solved the problem!

Just checked my ipod, to see if there was any difference in the settings, as everything seems to be on there, and found that itunes match was on! It must have put it there automatically when i hooked it up to update it! Just did the same to my phone and charged it up and ... hey presto! Its all there, except my purchased music which isn't a problem i can redownload that!Thats just made my day! Ana Jacob, i suggest you check your phone under the music settings and give it a go. Let us know how you get on!

Nope... ugh

I checked, but iTunes match is off and to my knowledge, always has been. I don't know what the deal is. Glad you got yours working, though. I may have to take my phone and/or computer in to an Apple store if this doesn't get resolved. I'll take any other suggestions anyone has. Thanks guys.


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