Sync contacts with gmail?

Hello guys!
I formatted my iPhone and connected my gmail and iCloud accounts. He ended up mixing the contacts in his accounts.
I did a cleanup on my contact list and would like to send this new list to the gmail account.
How can I do this?


#1 contacts settings

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If you have contacts enabled for your Gmail account in Settings>contacts>accounts, the iCloud and Gmail contacts should automatically sync.


#2 Making it Sync

Hello, thanks for the tip, I used to set up my Gmail on my iPhone by going to Other, which only had the option to sync your Mail and Notes, but nothing else. I deleted my Gmail and when adding the new account, instead of choosing Other, I chose Gmail and turned on the Contacts and Calendar toggles. But my question is this, when I go to my contacts and only display my Gmail contacts, then when I view the list of contacts, they all disappear. They only show when I display all my iCloud contacts. How can I be sure that my iCloud contacts sync to Gmail as I also have a Galaxy S6 and have always wanted to find a simple way of syncing all my contacts from my iPhone to my GS6? So that way, when I make a change to a contact on my iPhone, the change can sync over to my Gmail and be updated on my GS6.

#3 SSL?

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The only other suggestion I have is to make sure SSL is enabled. To do this, open Settings>Contacts>Accounts and double tap your Gmail account. Then, double tap account>advanced and make sure, "Use SSL," is on. It's usually on by default, but it may be a good thing to check.


#4 RE: SSL

SSL is already enabled.

#5 RE: SSL

I'll try and look on the web to see what I may be doing wrong. It's no worries, if I can't get it to work, then I'll just turn it off and leave it be. Thanks for your help though, very much appreciated.