Switching from One Wi-Fi Network to Another

Hi everyone. Subject pretty much sums it up. A couple days ago my neighbor across the hall and I had a technician over here to repair our wi-fi. He ended up having to do some other things but that's beside the point. He successfully got the wi-fi up here working again, but my Mac has been defaulting to another wi-fi network which is apparently somewhere in our apartment complex. How do I tell it to default back to our wi-fi network? Whenever I navigate to our network with the arrow keys and attempt to rejoin, it does so without me having to enter the password. I went into System Prefs and configured it to do this. But every so often I have to rejoin and it's kinda a time-waster. I think my iPhone now has our network as the default choice again though. Tia for anyone's assistance with this.


Wi-Fi Options

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It has been a while since I have worked with a Mac, but if it is like an iPhone, theer should be a button or something next to the list of Wi-Fi networks in settings. You should be able to find the network that your machine is defaulting to and then click on the options button and tell it to forget that network. That should solve your problem.