Strange Login Behavior on New Macs

I received my first MacBook Pro with a Touchbar yesterday and am already finding some bizarre changes to the way Mac OS seems to operate. IN particular, I am forced into what I can only describe as an arcane manner of logging in. Once the Mac boots up, I have to press the Touch ID button three times to access VoiceOver. But I'm not simply getting Voice Over: I'm getting the full accessibility shortcut screen. (I've disabled these options from appearing in Mac OS itself, but apparently this does not apply to the Login screen.) Once I've selected Voice OVer as my only accessibility feature, I hit done...and am placed into a kind of limbo. Voice Over identifies said limbo as "universal access control" and is helpful enough to inform me that it has no windows. The only way to return to the login screen itself from here is to click somewhere--apparently anywhere. Though this is workable, it strikes me as needlessly tedious. Has anyone discovered a workaround to this?


Try doing a VO+FN+the number

Try doing a VO+FN+the number two, to bring up a list of windows. find the log in window with arrows and hit VO+space on it to bring up that window. If that doesn't work, then go into system prefs, and users and groups, and there should be a log in automatically button. I've reset the log in stuff to no password, since I'm the only person using the computer at all times, and don't have to worry about it. Also, to turn VO without bringing up accessibility menu, press command+touchId button three times. You're just hitting the touch button without pressing cmd.

Thanks. My primary reason

Thanks. My primary reason for not turning on automatic login is because you then lose your Touch ID if you do so.

Voiceover at login screen

You could always have Voiceover come up automaticly when you are prompted to enter the password upon first booting the computer. Just head over to the users and groups settings, found in system preferences. The section you'll want is login options, but note you might have to click the button on the bottom of the screen to unlock the pain so you can make changes. From that point on, you should no longer have to fus with starting Voiceover when the system shows the login screen.