Sporadic Mac OS wake up from sleep

Dear Applevis Community,

I have a Macbook Pro 2013 13 inches running Mohave OSX 10.14.6, I'm blind and use VoiceOver and usually have screen brightness turned down as well as Screen Curtain On. In terms of accessories, I have a bluetooth keyboard that I heavily rely on but I always have that turned Off when not in use as to not send a bluetooth signal to wake up my machine unintentionally. I have no other accessories connected to my machine either wired or wireless, even my Apple Watch charger is connected directly to the wall.

The problem I'm facing, for about less than a year, my computer would appear to wake up with the restart hard drive sound when the computer is turned on and plugged in, regardless if the screen lid is closed or not. I tried removing my Apple Watch magnetic charger to another room in case it negatively impacts my Macbook magnetic charger without helping. I tried another Macbook charger cable but that too didn't help. Both charger cables are mine and used so if the solution is to buy a new Macbook charger cable then I wold be happy to purchase a new one but I'm not sure if that would help either. If my computer is unplugged then it works just fine. And if it's plugged and I'm actively working on it then it also works just fine in terms of not waking up on its own. The problem is when it's plugged in and I'm not using it, that's when it wakes up/restarts on its own, not immediately but sporadically after a few hours, very strange. And when it wakes up/restarts on its own, it doesn't say Welcome To VoiceOver like when I restart it manually and appears as if it was waking up from sleep then makes that hard drive boot sound when the computer starts, and also VoiceOver lands me on the Login screen of Mac OS for me to login automatically bringing up all the apps and documents that were opened before it went to sleep and woke up on its own. Again, this only happens when plugged in and not in use after some time, usually more than an hour.

Unfortunately I live where there's no authorized Apple store to take this in for them to look at and repair. I have tried to search extensively on the internet as well as Applevis forum topics but was unsuccessful in finding any solution to my problem. I would be grateful if anyone can help so my computer would stop sporadically waking up with hard drive rebooting sound when plugged in and not being actively used.

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did you check

did you check schedule option on the energy safer on system prefrences?

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Re: Energy Saver Preferences

Thank you so much for your quick response.

Yes, I checked Schedule under Energy Saver Preferences, all check box options are unchecked.

For the record, the Turn Off Hard Disks When Possible and Dim Screen Brightness options were both checked On and Off for both Battery and Plugged In preferences, without helping. I also tried Restore Defaults option on this Energy Saver preferences screen without helping.

try resetting the oporating system

in any oporating system, eusually resetting the OS makes the problem go away. My windows 10 machine, which is a convertible ultrabook; also sometimes turns on it's own to perform updates and other rootene maintainence tasks. I've set up the machine in a way that the computer should go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity; so that waking upthing in the middle of night is not a problem for me. You can try reinstalling the oporating system on your Mackbook. Additionally, check if any installed app is causing the system to wake up.

Re: Reseting OS

Thanks for your response.

I didn't have this issue for sure when running prior version of OSX, I don't particularly remember which sub version of OSX Mohave 10.14.x? this problem began but for sure it wasn't there with prior version of OSX. It's estimated around Sept or Oct 2019 that new OSX Catalina 10.15 will be out, maybe that will fix it by having a brand new OSX installed, I'm not sure.

I have invested a lot of time to clean out my hard disk by literally reviewing file by file in my downloads and documents and applications folders and deleting that which is no longer needed, I still have a ways to go on cleaning out my Mac but have definitely deleted already hundreds of Gigabytes. But sadly the problem still persists.

As for applications requiring my Macbook to wake up and run processes on its own, I don't believe so as I have all my applications to the bare minimum like Numbers, Pages, Safari, etc so I doubt these will wake up my machine to run an update every few hours for nearly a year now.

I'm not very well versed in monitoring activities and processes but maybe I should invest more time there to try to find a process running at night and figure out which application is causing that process to run. I did review my processes and nothing fishy caught my attention but will try to give it another try. Thanks for the reminder.

Any other advice wold be appreciated and thanks everyone.