Speaking bar with iPhone 5s and iOS 10.3.2

Does anyone know anything about this speaking bar that I'm seeing now near the top of my iPhone screen? When I tap on it it just extends or shortens it it doesn't seem to do anything else other than that does anyone have any where I can look for help?


That is

That 's called the status bar. it displays information about your signal (both cell bars and wifi), time, location tracking status and battery level.

The Speaking Bar is not the Status Bar!

I had this same problem with the Speaking Bar on my iPad. To get rid of the Speaking Bar;

Go to Settings.
Double Tap on Accessibility.
Flick right and double tap on Speech.
Flick right and double tap on speak speech to turn it off.

This will remove the Speaking Bar.

Hope that Helps.

Oh, I thought

Oh, I'm an idiot. Lol. I thought the original poster was talking about the status bar.