Sonos Woes

I just purchased a Sonos Play5. It needed an upgrade of software as soon as I plugged it in a couple days ago. I am having problems with the Sonos Controller in many places, especially the "add new services" list, where neither poking around nor flicking seems to get me anywhere. I can sometimes get one of the services to show and sometimes not. Am I doing something wrong? Using an iPhone 6S with iOS 9.2.1. I should mention that I have a lot of apps on this phone, but I always turn things off in the App Switcher unless I need them to stay on. Has anyone done the most recent Sonos update who can help me? Thanks.


When adding services through Sonos app

Honestly when adding services, the only sure-fire way I've found to get through that list is to drag your finger down the screen, not flick through it.

Sonos woes

I contacted Sonos Tech Support, and the rep was able to duplicate my problem with adding services. I had found that I could not flick through services at all but that moving through the list with one finger was iffy at best and chaotic and unreliable at worst. Yes, I mean it, the rep actually turned on VO and duplicated the problem! Wow! So he sent it to Escallations. I also told him about the Mac app being inaccessible and that should also be going up the chain.

This is what I like to see and so seldom do. When something is broken in an otherwise accessible app, it's really nice when a company actually takes our needs seriously instead of just blowing us off and inviting us to leave feedback for future consideration. I know I'm not the most skilled user out there, but I really do appreciate being treated like an adult and paying customer. Whitch means I will probably be sending more money their way soon. The stereo separation will be much better with the pair of Play 5s than with just one, right!


hiya. i too, not long ago got myself the new play 5 gen 2. it's awesome! just building up some extra cash to grab me a second one. and yes. the stereo separtion with two of them is way better. and you can even use them in two modes in stereo. on their sides, as you would for the single one, gives a wider stereo field, or vertical, much like a normal HiFi speaker, gives the sound more of a traditional stereo sound, with a much more prosision focused sweet spot. hope you enjoy even just having the one of them though. it's amasing, the sound such a small thing can produce! lol

Sonos Pros and Woes

I just wanted to add that I discovered that I had enough money to buy the second Play5 to make a full stereo. Even though I've had some relatively minor problems with the Sonos Apps, I have found them to be basically accessible. There are workarounds for the small problems and there is also wonderful tech support if you find that you are just not up to the job. The things ou have to use every day are very accessible. I've put about one grand into this system, and I would not have done so if I did not believe that the products would stay accessible and even improve over time. I've been waiting to buy new stereo equipment for about fifteen years, maybe longer, so it was a decision I had to think about a lot. So even though I had some problems, I didn't mean to diss them.

I just decided on the Sonos

I just decided on the Sonos connect product, but am going to try to use it without the bridge device at first, unless I really find problems with my Wifi network speed. I am really anxious to see how the Connect works with my current stereo.