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I was wondering not sure who or how to get this to the ones who created the game song pop. However I think it would be sweet if anyone new how to make that game become accessible to us voice over users. As of now it wont read anything on the screan at all. Just figured I would throw this out there to see what others thought.


Yes, this game seems like it

Yes, this game seems like it is pretty fun. I also wish that it would be accessible with voice over. I guess my only problem is that there is a time limit to choose the right answers when listening to the song clip so it may be a bit challenging to use that part of it with voice over because you have to read the question and the answers.

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Well the main thing is to just read teh group of the band or the tile of the song. However setting voiceover to a fast speed it would still be fun. I love the game buy sucks I have to have someone do it for me everytime. I guess its the same for like using games on facebook to though. The games on there you cant play at all so hopefully they can make the game songpop readable with voiceover. I would love that.

Here isn't the best place to

Here isn't the best place to bring it up, you need to speak to the developers directly, eg. Developers generally want their games to reach as many people as possible and do listen to their customers, especially if you can make it easy for them by spelling out precisely what the benefit is and how to easily do it. Get them on twitter via @FreshPlanet, or web at

Accessibility Should Be Easy For This One

I'm able to play this game on Facebook, using Jaws 13 and Internet Explorer 9, so I would imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult to make the IPhone app accessible as well. It is a fun game!

I have tried contacting the devellpers on their forum. Plea hav

I have tried contacting the developers on their forum. Please click on and then the me too button to show u also have this question too. The more that do the more likely they'll take notice

song pop game

Hi. tried clicking on the forum link that was sent, but couldn't find the correct topic. I think i would really like this game if it was accessible.

If you search VoiceOver in

If you search VoiceOver in the search topics lists on the songpop support forums topics list, mine comes up first, or you could start your own thread requesting VoiceOver feature, the more people who want it, the more theyll hopefully do it.