Something disturbing

So I just read online that people with older iPhones must update their software by midnight Sunday or they won't be able to use their phones properly. What does this mean exactly and which iPhones need to be updated?


IPhone 5 only

This only applies to iPhone 5 users, I'm not sure about the technical reasons.
Besides, the date to update was actually yesterday so you should be fine.


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I posted a comment to the incorrect topic.

iPhone 4S and 5…

It’s apparently linked to the recent update of the GPS coordinates system.

I heard that the 5 models won

I heard that the 5 models won't have access to the app store anymore I think frommac roomers or something likethat, heard that on Saturday.

This only affects iPhone 5

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This only affects iPhone 5 and earlier. As well as much older generations of iPods and iPads from before 2012. As stated, it relates to a GPS time rollover update that occurred in April.
Anyone who missed deadline can update through computer. All affected products not updated will suffer from inaccurate GPS location. As well as incorrect timekeeping.