Skype 4.0 released with much-improved accessibility

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Skype have just released version 4.0 of their iOS app. Mentioned in the release notes is "Improved accessibility".I don't use Skype myself, so can somebody who does please let us know how far these improvements go.

What's New in Version 4.0This version works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and iPod touch. Skype requires iPhone OS version 4.3 or above.
  • New feature: ability to move own video preview
  • App auto restarts if unexpectedly shut down
  • Improved accessibility
  • Improved stability
  • Updated design for contacts and messages
  • New sign in screen
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Bug fixes


Hi David, I'm going to

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Hi David, I'm going to download Skype 4.0 now. What is it I'm looking for? I haven't used Skype that much (mainly because I don't use it a lot to begin with--and because I've heard about accessibility issues) but would like to be able to.


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David, The dial pad is now accessible. I was able to use the dial pad with no problem. Everything on the dial pad tab is very accessible. The Chat tab appears to be accessible but haven't been able to chat with anyone yet to see if this is working or not. All other areas are mostly accessible from what I can see and use.

iOS Skype 4.0 is accessible and usable!!!

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I would like to thank @SkypeSupport for reaching out and adding me to the beta team on 4 different platforms 6 months ago. Today, iOS Skype 4.0 was released, and as I promised when I was added to to the beta team, I would listen to all Voiceover accessibility feedback, file bug reports, and Skype did listen to me. Skype’s accessibility efforts have been overhauled and revamped dramatically, they have brought it from what I would consider 30% to 98% Voiceover accessible and usable. Please, everyone do enjoy the stunning and amazing Voiceover accessible iOS Skype 4.0 on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Kevin

Skype 4.0 rocks!

Skype 4.0 rocks! Testing it now, and everything is just nice and accessible! But please can I ask, how do I change my mood text? Asking as I went to My Info, and I saw a text field with no label. So double tapped on it. Yes it went into editing mode, but because I didn't know what this was I chickend out smiles. Otherwise I like it a lot and shall try and use this app more and more to communicate to my friends on the go without being tied to the PC! I would like to thank everyone involved, including the developers, testing team, etc. You rock!

Many things have been fixed.

Anyone involved with the latest version of Skype is to be commended for having fixed many things from an accessibility stand point. Upon reading all that was in this thread before this post, I naturally had to go get the latest skype for IOS to see what all the excitement was about and there is much to be excited about. As stated above, the dial pad is now accessible. additionally, chat is also accessible to the point that it now auto-reads incoming messages and buttons within the app are labeled a little better than they were before. There may be more but I haven't run into it yet. In closing, today is a good day when it comes to skype accessibility. Here's to hoping everything else goes this well for us all.

text messages

hi all, when pressing "return" it still can not send text messages. but, we can read the text messages now.

deleting history

hi all, if it has "Clear History" or " delete all history" in skype it should be more better.

Double tap send

Double tap the send button to send your IM. The layout is almost a replica of the messages app.

finally, Skype listens!

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Thank you Kevin for interacting with them, and thank you Skype for finally making this app accessible The chat function also seems to work well, and I'm glad it has been fixed. Haven't tried making a call on it yet though, as call audio quality has supposedly improved, but will try that at some point soon.

Filed a Few More Bugs

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It's excellent to know that Skype V4 is working extremely well for all Voiceover accessibility users., I've monitored a significant amount of the discussions around Skype V4, specifically VoiceOver accessibility, and it seems that people are very happy and impressed, and there are only a few issues that remain. As I have seen these issues, I have noted them, which all of them were raised in this specific discussion, and I have gone ahead and filed them as bugs using Skype's internal/beta bug tracker.