siri's volume has dropped on my iPhone 5s

I'm not sure what I did to cause this, if anything, but siri is quite a bit quieter than the regular voiceover voice now as is the double-beep noise that activates siri when I hit the home button. How do I fix this?


Siri volume

Try holding down the home button and pressing the phones volume up key to increase Siri's volume. You can also press the volume up and down keys when Siri is speaking to adjust her volume. A good way to get her spaking for a little bit is to ask her to tell you a joke.
Hope this helps.


Alternatively you could try to raise the ringer volume in the Sounds section of Settings.

No no, all you need do is

No no, all you need do is invoke Siri, then use the volume buttons to turn it up; then Siri will stay at that volume.