siri dings at me

So when invoking siri via the side button or "hey Siri", siri sometimes dings once before it responds.
There are moments where it will just ding once and won't respond with anything. Does anyone know how one might go about fixing this and what could be causing it? This is on the iPhone X



I have no idea. Wich iOs are you using? It is supposed to do the double sound that indicates it is listening. But I don’t understand why it will do the ding sound. When using hey Siri, I just say it, hear the double tone and then speak. If I miss to speak she will ask yes and then I will hear the double tone again so I can talk. The sound is different when it fails to hear you. If I use the home button I will just either hold it, wich is good for saying longer sentences, or just holding the home button for a short while till you hear that double tone.


Same here. Using iPhone 7 and current iOS 11.2.5

No need to wait

No need to wait for the double ding when using Hey Siri. I just say something like: "Hey Siri, what time is it?"

I'll hear the double ding sound and Siri will speak the time. I think if you hear a single ding sound, it means Siri has given up listening.


If you hear a single ding, dictation has started, and if it sounds again, single dong or like siri minus double sound, dictation has ended.
I don't know how to explain it other than that, sorry!

siri ding

So to clarify,
I am not referring to the initial sound that is your phone makes when siri is listening. this ding often occurs after the siri listening chime. It will make the sound when siri is listening, then make a ding noise, then the sound that siri has finished listening.