Shuffling ALL SONGS

Recently, I asked how to shuffle all songs from a particular artist in the Music app in iOS 8.4.

Now, I am wondering how to shuffle ALL SONGS, period. I mean, how do you shuffle all songs on your iPhone from all artists. On the "Songs" screen, I can't seem to find an "Shuffle" button as used to be there.


#1 Strange

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I just went and looked and I can't find the button either. Very strange. To quote a popular movie character, "dangerous and disturbing this is."

#2 RE: Shuffling ALL SONGS

Hello Misty. I don't think there is a Shuffle all button available, but I did test drive Siri and it appears to work. What I said was "Play all music shuffled. Then I just skipped through a few tracks and it certainly did appear to be shuffling as requested. Furthermore, it was selecting tracks that I haven't played once before this last update. Even if we don't have an official button, at least Siri was obedient for me.


#3 shuffling all songs

Hi there! The siri option definitely works and is probably my preferred method of achieving this task, but I just wanted to let you all know that the shuffle button still exists; they've just hidden it. What you need to do is double tap on that now playing/mini player button. Shuffle is in there. They'be basicly gone and made it look like ITunes, or at least I think that's what is going on. Anyway, if shuffle is selected in that now playing/mini player screen, then you're good to go. Good luck, and I hope this helps. Also, the category button is how you change between albums, artists, songs etc. I'm not a fan of the new music app, but am slowly but surely getting used to the changes.

#4 Ugh. Really poor design this

Ugh. Really poor design this is, IMO. The shuffle part of this app generally is very weakly designed. One would think that this would be a very common option people would want to resort to, so one would think it would be easier to do. Hmm, I just don't get why Apple has made this so hard, not only shuffling all songs but also shuffling all songs from a particular artist!