Showing Folder Size Information in Finder

Hi all,

Does anyone know ow to show the total size of a folder when navigating the size column in the Finder set to list view? I find this really convenient when navigating files as I can move the VO cursor to the size column and quickly move up and down to view the size of items. However, VoiceOver says blank when moving the cursor into the size column of a folder. Is there a way to set this information to appear in the column instead of always having to press command i?


#1 2 easy ways

There are 2 easy ways to do this. Make sure you have a finder window open with a folder in it. 1. Down arrow onto the line with the folder and hit the spacebar or 2. hit "command J" to open up the "show view options" option. Check the box that says "calculate all sizes." As you scroll down the list, the size of the folder will be announced. Remember to press "Command J" again to close window. Hope this helps.