Should I Upgrade From iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 10.2.1 on My iPad Pro?

Hello AppleVis community!
I have an iPad Pro 9.7, which is still on iOs 9.3.5 and I'm considering upgrading it to the most recent version of Ios which is 10.2.2, as I did on my iPhone 6, which seems really slower than on Ios 9. . I'm always afraid to apply any updates before reading opinions and experiences of people who use it, so I did a big research on forums and blogs.
My question for You is: Should I upgrade my iPad or stay on Ios 9.3.5? Does it work good when it comes to performance, stability, battery life and usage with Freedom scientific focus braille display? I've read a blog post here on Applevis about the latest update and I'm happy that apple has finally fixed some bugs with braille display which I use in daily basis.
Thank You in advance for your feedback.



I'd go for it. It's not slow on my end, running 10.2.2 on an iPhone 6S I don't know anything about the focus display as I'm not a IOS braille user, but I'd say again go for the upgrade. It's always a good idea to update your software to the latest due to security fixes. Yes it's apple, but you never know when/if there's a security risk/malware/virus etc. Better to be safe then sorry.

thank You

Thank You for your answer. I think I'll go for the update.

I use a focus with my IPhone

I use a focus with my IPhone 6 which is running IOS10.2 and there is no problem with it. I'd go for it.

Did you regret it, or do you recommend it?

Hi jjulia. I found your post because i also was wondering the exact same thing as you. I also have an iPad Pro 9.7 running 9.3.5 and wonder if i should upgrade to 10.2.1. I have been very hesitant so far and holding back for a long time because i also fear that it will reduce the battery life and the performance of my iPad Pro. Did you upgrade yours yet, and if so, are you experiencing any performance issues or other problems? I am really curious if you regret your upgrade and advice against it or recommend others to also upgrade. Thanks!

battery life is not effected

I have an iPad Minnie 4th generation and an iPhone 7 and neither one have suffered in the battery life department with the latest iOS. go for it. It'll keep you up-to-date and that's always a good thing.

Just took the leap myself

I was hesitant to update from 9 to 10 because of all the horror stories about Safari being really verbose and hard to use. To my delight, I am experiencing no such issues with Safari, making me wonder what all that stuff was about in the first place. Perhaps those verbosity problems only affected the earlier releases of iOS 10. Anyway, big thumbs-up from me. Love the new version and the ability to easily organize apps with new roter commands.