Setting voice over volume

So only just discovered how to adjust and decrease the volume of VoiceOver on the router. Trouble is when I decrease it, say for example to 30 percent and leave voice over on its fine, but when I toggle voice over off and switch it back on the v o volume is automatically back on 75 percent. How do I get it to stay on what I set it to?


Use volume buttons

Hi! You didn't tell us what kind of i-device you're using, but the rotor isn't the only way to set VoiceOver volume on that device. I personally don't use the rotor for setting VoiceOver's volume on my iPhone, I use the Volume UP and Volume Down buttons on the side of the phone: the trick is to adjust the volume while VoiceOver is actually talking, otherwise the VoiceOver volume might not change. The iPhone is the only i-device I'm familiar with, but I assume iPads and iPods also have volume buttons on them.

I am using the iPhone 4 S.

I am using the iPhone 4 S. Reason I asked about the router is because if I decrease the volume with the volume bartends that also decreases the volume of the ring tone and text tone too. I don't want to decrease those

Change with buttons

Hi Right here is the guide using the volumes buttons with out affecting the Ringtones, messages and alerts. You can modified and change VoiceOver Go to settings / sounds /change with buttons That under Ringer and alerts headings you will find Sound volumes In this option allows to set up the sound at 100, 93, 80 percent or customize. Change with buttons off /on In this option you can turn on or off this option to increase or decrease with out affecting the Ringtones and alerts. Hope this hell's.

Thanks for thatt, will try

Thanks for thatt, will try that. Just wondered why it deleted the settings as soon as you toggle voice over off

Is the Button Volume Change Sticky?

I haven't tried yet, but just to clarify. Is what you are saying that using the buttons to adjust VO speech while VO is talking causes the volume to stay at the set level even if VO is toggled off and on, or perhaps if you do a lock and home button reboot? That would be great.