Seeking a text only edition of the King James Bible

I am trying to find an app of the King James Bible that is strictly text. I downloaded one but it had some weird function that prevented me from being able to read it one page at a time and one page after another. I would like one that is straight up text that I can read on my iPhone like I was reading a document. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Michael T.


Hi, I don't know if this will

Hi, I don't know if this will be exactly what you want, but try Mantis Bible Study. It's very accessible and is only text. It has some functionallity, allowing you to write notes and bookmark passages. It doesn't let you read page by page, but chapter by chapter. The version with KJV is free, but if you want anything else, you have to pay. Hope this gives you what you need. Cherokee

Bibles on iBooks

The iBooks app has several King James bibles to choose from, some paid but many free. All the iBooks I've ever bought have been perfectly accessible, allowing me to read either a single page or continuously. And with several versions available for free, it won't matter if it takes you a couple of tries before you find one you like.