Seeking recommendations for the best USA iPhone carrier


I am currently with Sprint and looking to switch iPhone carriers. I'm thinking of switching to Verizon or AT&T. Which carrier is better, both in your opinion and for the iPhone?



They're all thieves

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Each one of them is extremely over-priced. I'm currently with AT&T now. Luckily, I am grandfathered in with unlimited data. And, without giving too much personal information away, I've got 450 anytime minutes, with 1000 night and weekend minutes. Now, with this new plan as they attempt to get rid of the two year contracts, I'm having to pay another $28.30 a month for my 128GB 6S. Therefore, the bill is going to be around $127.00 a month. Don't get me started on UVerse prices. There is probably better priced plans out there, but the point remains the same. You're going to overpay for any carrier you get.


Suggest if you are going to do one or the other, call and see what they can give you. I also have AT&T. I pay $100 for the same he has. I am paying 29 for the upgrate to iPhone 6. Good luck.

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I'm also with AT&T but will probably switch to T-Mobile. From what I've seen, it looks quite promising and the international roaming is quite attractive.

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Hi. I'm actually with Verizon and so far couldn't be happier. I need to go in and have the bill lowered, one of the reasons I haven't upgraded as of yet, I want to buy the phone at the subsidized price, not add it to the bill for the next year. I ahve the three hundred bucks now, no, Idon't want to slowly chip away at it.


If you live in a location served by T-Mobile, they have attractive rate plans. The company does not necessarily have the lowest prices on devices but one can buy secondhand iPhones everywhere. No data charged for streaming music through selected apps. Just make sure to check the service coverage map.

Verizon because of coverage map

Since my spouse passed away, it is a must that my iPhone work if at all possible. This is why I use Verizon. For me it's the knowledge that, should I need help, as long as I have my phone I could get it. This sounds like I'm an elderly person but I am not. It's just the practical thing to do from a blind person's point of view. Besides, I think I'm a nerd at heart and performance is high on my list. It simply works, no matter where life takes me, and I prize that very high on my reasons for Verizon, as well.

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your replies. Have you found an accessible way to look at coverage maps?

Go into this smart.

Hi. I didn't mean ti imply you're not smart, listen though :) Are you going to be around a lot fo trees, a rural neighborhood? Are you going to be around old buildings where no matter what, signal may be a problem? AT&T isn't good for my neighborhood, it drops somewhat evne in the house it wasn't great walking from hall to kitchen. So when i got Verizon, I really am enjoying how much more coverate i have. There are dead spots but you know they're obvious places, the barn my neice works in for example. As for accessible coverage maps, I don't think you'll have much luck. If you live in an apartment, maybe ask around friens neighbors? Without asking how much they pay of course, maybe they can tell you how they enjoy their services.


We have had AT&T for a number of years. Our neighborhood has excellent coverage. We had AT&T when they were Bellsouth. That seems a long time ago.


I had AT&T for several years, coverage was good but my bill frequently had surprises (not good ones) - between rate hikes and overages I got fed up and tried T-Mobile based on feedback from friends, I was hesitant because I expected a coverage and performance drop-off from compared to AT&T - but that hasn't been the case at all, now I understand that the coverage varies, but in the Southern California area where I live I'm very pleased with reception, voice and data quality, etc. And my bill is always what I expect. My only gripe is that visual voicemail is not as good as AT&T, frequently I will receive a voicemail notification hours after the person left a voicemail message, so I've gotten used to calling the voicemail number if I notice a missed call to make sure I'm not missing a message. I can tolerate the inconvenience in return for the much better price and some neat features like no data charges for using many of the most popular music and audio apps., unlimited voice and data usage in Mexico, etc. I would recommend talking to neighbors and friends who have T-Mobile to make sure your area is well covered.

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I've had T-Mobile for the last two years, and the only disappointing thing about it is the coverage. Everything else is great. Most music streaming apps do not use up your data, and prices aren't too bad. T-Mobile also has Wi-Fi Calling on iPhones, so that somewhat makes up for the lack of service in some areas. If you have Wi-Fi in a location with no signal at all what so ever, you are still able to make phone calls, and receive text messages.