Seeking Recommendation re Notes App Which Syncs with DropBox

I'd appreciate any recommendations of notes apps which seamlessly cync with DropBox. II Am seeking a notes app that seamlessly syncs with DropBox. I want to automatically save a document to a dropbox folder,and would like to also be able to open a document from within a folder in dropvbox. I'm told that some apps will export a file to dropbox, but I would like to eliminate this extra step while maintaining the text or Word file format. Thanks for any advice. Scott


#1 Nebulous

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I use Nebulous. It's main feature, aside from Dropbox integration, is a bar of useful macros you can customize. I set a macro to insert a header I use a lot, plus one for time, one for date, and a search box. The editor is accessible and works well with VO and braille.

#2 Elements

The app I've just started using, for the same reason as you posted, is Elements for Dropbox. I've only just gotten the app a day or two ago so haven't spent much time working with it, but from what I can tell so far, it seems to work well.

#3 DropText

DropText is a simple plane text editor which syncs seemlessly with Dropbox. I used to use it a bit before I swiched to the Mac. Now I just use Apple's native Notes app as it does everything I need in a Notes app. But I don't really need any fancy functions in a Notes app – just the ability to sync.

#4 I use Knox for all my text

I use Knox for all my text based stuff with dropbox. It can even edit RTF files.

#5 Thanks for all the feedback

It's much appreciated. I will download all of the recommended apps, and give them a test drive. Sometimes my brains works better with certain interfaces as compared to others. Best: Scott

#6 the very best app to sync

the very best app to sync with drop-box and in word format is called -Note Master" This app is totally amazing, syncs with drop box extreamly well, enables documents to be produced with headings, images bullets and lists. Its very easy to use and totally compatible with VoiceOver. A++++++++++

#7 Manual for Nebulous Notes

I have just begun evaluating text editors for use with Dropbox. I downloaded Nebulous Lite, an ad-supported free version of the paid app. It's too early for me to draw any conclusions on the app, but I m impressed because the product has a manual, accessible via the web and also via the "Settings" menu in the app itself. Here is the link to the manual: Craig

#8 Not happy with Note Master

Based on the rave review in comment #6, I just downloaded Note Master and was extremely disappointed. Editing and display has a lot of problems with VO. Headings, lists, and images are not announced by VO, and are not read correctly. Lots of text chunks are read multiple times. Found several screens which caused VO to go catatonic. Maybe the recommendation was based on an earlier version? Bummer because this would have been exactly what I wanted ... if it worked with VO.

#9 fdrop text

Drop text is a excellent app.

#10 Droptext Development May Have Been Suspended

Droptext is a decent app as far as it goes, but development on it may have been temporarily suspended or may even have stopped. The support website is parked, and I know of no way to reach the developer. Craig