Seeking Assistance with a VoiceOver/Dictation Issue on my Mac

I have searched the AppleVis website in the hopes to find others who may have encountered this same glitch but haven't found anything. For starters, I am a new Mac user running the latest version of Sierra on my 2017 13" MacBook Pro Escape.

While exploring the dictation function on my Mac, I have come across a small bug, at least I thing it is one, while using dictation. In order to test and practice with dictation, I went to the System Preferences to ensure that all was configured correctly, with Dictation turned on, Enhanced dictation enabled, the correct language set and made note of the activation keys. I first went into the Spotlight and double tapped the Function keys, heard the tone and dictated my message and pressed the Function key once to stop dictation and all seemed to go well as I heard VoiceOver read out what was spoken.

Now the issue sprung when I closed Spotlight and activated Siri. I asked Siri a question and when she responded, not only did I hear Siri but I also heard VoiceOver repeat the text I had dictated, along witg something regarding the Control+Option and Spacebar keys. Now thinking this was odd, I activated Siri again and asked her something different, and as before, she responded and, as before, I heard Siri and VoiceOver repeating once again the last text I had dictated. Now each time I use Siri, this g bug occurs each time. The only means of correcting this is to restart my Mac and then all is fixed. I have even tried disabling Enhanced Dictation but no luck, the bug still occurs.

Has anyone out there encountered this same bug? Is this actually a bug or perhaps there is something in System Preferences that I need to change. I would appreciate any assistance from anyone. Thanks!


#1 Toggle Voiceover

Whenever Voiceover acts crazy, try toggling Voiceover on and off with Command/F5. I experience the same type things with IOS occasionally. That usually fixes the problem.

#2 No Luck!

I've tried turning VoiceOver off and on and as before, when activating Siri and saying something, as soon as the end tone plays and Siri responds, VoiceOver repeats the last thing I dictated, as well as saying "You are currently on a button. To click this button, press Control Option Spacebar". Again, the only solution is to restart my Mac. But as before, the next time I use dictation, the issue returns until I restart. I've contacted Apple in the hopes that they may be able to figure out what is causing this issue and hopefully correct it.