Seeking accessible basketball and football games

Hello gamers. Is there any accessible basketball and football games out there apart from the blind fold games?


#1 I need THis games also

One of my dreams is to find such games. I was playing the super football, but I lost my key, and can not play it again, also, it was on windows and I don't use widnows any more

#2 OSM

I think OSM (Online Soccer Manager) is 99% accessible, you can play it in computer and you can download the app. I suggest footstar too, I think it's 75 or 80% accessible.

#3 can you provide me with links please

Ok, but I need the links if possible


#4 blindfold basketball and blindfold soccer kick

These two games are pretty fun. But it depends on what type of football you are talking about: the touch down tackle type, or the goal kicking type.

#5 I don't want to be a manager, i need to play

I still hope to find a game like super football, a game that i can play football, pass, kick through and so on.
any new news about that?