Seeking an accessible alarm app with good functionality

hi all

happy new year to you all

The built in i phone alarm is ok apart from its snooze function gives you a 9 min snooze which is ok but if you wish this to be less say 5 mins as i'm after for myself thre doesnt seem to be a way to change this snooze interval. Do any of you have any good alarm clock ap's which are accessible and allow you to change the snooze time which the IOS built in one does not. many thanks in advance


#1 great alarm app

Hi there! There's an app called alarmed which is really great. Lots of options, and on the whole, it is very accessible. Good luck, and I hope this helps!

#2 thanks for teh tip i'll give it a try, do you have to keep it oS

cool thanks for the tip do you have to keep the ap open to use it as an alarm or can it sync into teh apples system and do its bit in the background while doing your alarms. will defo give it a try see it it can do what i wish it to thank you