Screen curtain and OSX


Now that I’ve gotten used to screen curtain and learned to fully appreciate it’s function, does anyone know if OSX has it? If it does, how do I turn it on? IF there isn’t, is there an app that would blank out my screen while I’m using it? I can’t tell if someone is looking over my shoulders so having screen curtain on my mac would be great. I’ll be using a headset so I can be discrete.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


#1 tripp tap

Hi. take three fingers, tripple tap your tackpad. Remember twice, with three fingers mutes voice over. three times, it will say "Screen curtain, on." The same gesture turns it off. Hope that helps.

#2 Use The Commanders

Like comment above said, turn trackpad commander on then three finger triple tap to toggle it on and off.
I hate having my trackpad commander on though so I use the keyboard commander. In the Voice Over utility you can set up a custom command to turn it on and off as well.
On my computerI just hold option and press C and it turns on and off. I find this much faster.

#3 VO + Shift + F11

The default built-in VoiceOver command to toggle the OS X screen curtain is VO + Shift + F11.

BTW, you can find a list of this and many other VO keyboard commands by pressing VO + H + H anywhere within OS X.

#4 Thanks!


Thanks for the help. Now I know how to do it using the keyboard and trackpad.