Safari IOS: adding web pages as favorites

I am having a lot of trouble using Safari on the iPhone 5. (I am up-to-date on IOS). How do you add web pages as favorites and how do you access them? Is there any kind of tutorial on using Safari in IOS 7.04 on the iPhone? There used to be a utilities button that made it easy to add favorites. I am really confused about how Safari works. Thanks so much for any help. Susan N.


adding webpage as favorites

First the favorites are called bookmarks. TO access the bookmarks open safari then double tap bookmarks then double tap the bookmark you want to open.

Hi Susan. To add a page to

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Hi Susan. To add a page to Favourites, tap the Share button at the bottom, then in the menu that pops up select Bookmark. Then you will get another pop-up where you can rename the bookmark if you want and select the location (which you want to be Favourites). There are two ways to access your Favourites. 1. Select the Bookmarks button at the bottom, and then select Favourites if it doesn't go to that folder automatically. This gives the Favourites in a list. 2. When you open a new tab (by tapping Pages at the bottom and then selecting Add Tab at the bottom of that window), or when you tap the address button at the top, or when you clear all tabs from the Pages menu, the new tab will be a page with all of your Favourites laid out in a grid. If this second one isn't happening for you, go to Settings>Safari>Favourites and make sure that Favourites is selected. Hope that helps.

Thank you, Isaac and Dave82.

Thank you both for your feedback. Thanks especially to you, Dave, for your comprehensive answer. I assumed that the share button was only for social media purposes. This helps me a lot. This site is great, especially for us old folks trying to keep up with technology. Susan N.

Thank you, Dave.

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Your answer was very helpful. Safari was really confusing me on my new iPad Mini until I found this thread.