Rotor actions in mail

Rotor actions in mail Hi everyone, I'm using Gmail on an iPhone 5. Has anyone ever noticed, when using the rotor to delete messages, they always end up in the all-male or archived folders? Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a Gmail setting to move into the trash this way? Sorry to disrupt anyone's email organized life, but I really hope this can be fixed. Or at least tell me how to fix it :-) Chelsea


Archive folder

Hi I have multiple nail account include Gmail And it is only mail account that I don't have the option to delete only archive folder I don't know if it works vut may be could you move those mail to difference folder.


Hi Chelsea Just I trying to do it and it's possible it's nothing to do with rotor feature to delete mails how does it work when are on the inbox folder select edit bottom located on the right top then you have the option of select multiple messages after have selected, few of them you will have on the buttom many options as: archive follow for the number of messagess selected move mark select move then some alert that show saying move these messages to a new mailbox follow for list of folders as: Drafts folder Sent mail folder Span folder Trash folder all mail folder Gmail folder Important folder starred folder Deleted items folder Notes folder personal folder and many more just select the folder where you want to leave the selected messages and it will refress the screen into the inbox folder again.


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Hi Chelsea. Yes you can change this in settings. Go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Gmail (or whatever name you gave the account) and switch Off the Archive Messages button. Hope that helps.

Roter and mail

In mail/contacts/calendar settings, there is an archive mail option. Turn this off. Now there will be a delete function on your messages. You still have to delete your trash, but it will no longer be archived. You can delete your trash easily by going to your mail app, swipe right to accounts heading. Then swipe right again to get to the account where the trash is, locate that folder. Then there is an edit button at the top right. Now double tap this. Then at the bottom lft side of the screen, there is a delete all button. Double tap that and again to confirm. Hope this helps. Jenn