Reporting a problem in Messenger my friend has been long encountering

I am posting this topic to ask you about an issue that my Friend is facing with Messenger. It is not the text field being inaccessible, but something else.
So, as you might have seen, Messenger has placed the active contacts in the home tab besides Messages, groups, and calls as opposed to where they were before (in people tab). This happened about six months ago. When you go to the active contacts, it normally displays the names of those who are online, but also people who have recently been online. Thus, Voiceover states “Active 22 minutes ago, John Smith”. Now, the issue of my friend is that Voiceover does not read the names after those minutes. So, it will say something like two minutes ago, and nothing more. The name will not be read by Voiceover.
Does anyone have any clew to as why this issue occurs? It’s really frustrating.
I would be very grateful if someone could find a solution to it.


Assuming you are referring to

Assuming you are referring to FaceBook Messenger, you can contact the FaceBook accessibility team and report the problem. They are on twitter at fbaccess. You can also find them on FaceBook.

I don't have that problem

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Mine always says the name after it says "active 5 minutes ago." "Active 5 minutes ago, John Smith." Tell your friend to try reinstalling Messenger.

Thank you for your replies

Thank you for your replies.
We have tried uninstalling, installing, uninstalling and reinstalling again, but no luck so far. He states he has mistakenly changed a setting on Messenger but he does not know what as he doesn't speak English well.