Recording podcasts with the Mac

Hello, Some similar questions have probably being asked, so let me go streight to my point: I am not an audio editor, DJ, podcaster or anything similar.. In the other hand, because I am a somewhat experienced screen reader user and a screen reader studious, I have just made the transition from windows to mac and I think I can help folks in this situation by explaining them what's going on behind the senes, before they eventually give up. * please dont get me wrong: all tutorials, podecasts and phoruns here are great and this site was the main source I used to learn vo specifics, I just think I also can help... And the way to do this would be by recording a podcast. In fact, I hope to contribute to the applevis podicasting team, but one thing to be considered is the quality of my spoken english and hopefully it will be good enough.. But one thing I will surely do is record lots of podcasts in portuguese, my native language, to help folks who do not speak english to get their way going. This said, I do need help to figure out a fast way of recording podcasts in the mac. I am not that worried with audio editing, I just need to use something that will record the system and microphone sounds together. I have been using my macbook air for one week now. There is, at least what I could find, only one p2 jack used to plug the earing phones in the left side, but no jack to plug a microphone or the line in as would be normal in a sound card. So, the questions are as follows: 1- what software will let me record my voice and the sound system together? 2- What would be the procedures to do this recording? 3- Is there a way of recording the iphone sound (may be using a p2 p2 cable to direct the phone speech somehow to the mac? 4- What software on Mac do you guys podecasters at applevis use to record your podcasts? Please note that, at this time, I have no external sound mixers or sound cards. Thanks, Marlon


#1 See my Podcast

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Hello, i recently did a podcast on this very topic. Here you go:

#2 A hardware related

A hardware related question: Where is the line in in the macbook air? I can find only one jack in the left side where I put my apple headsets. Is there a way of using the line in in this computer? If so how it works? Marlon

#3 Same Jack

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The headphone jack you're seeing is the same as the line-in jack. Similar to IOS devices, the two are one in the same. You may want to invest in A USB headset, so that you can use the Jack for your line-in cable. Another option is a USB soundcard, which would have all the ports and jacks you need. Of course, these cards vary greatly, so you will need to do some research into the model that will suit your needs best.

#4 Ok. I am following these

Ok. I am following these advices. I have been able to successfully record my voice. As for audacity, in few words, how can I go through the recorded sound to say navegate to the points where I want to put the markers without having to listen to everything? Thanks, Marlon

#5 Comma and Period

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The comma moves back a bit, the period moves forward. Add shift to move by larger amounts. The exact times for these short and long jumps are defined in settings (cmd-comma) if you want to change them. If you are moving back and get stuck at a certain point, hit space to stop playback and then you will be able to move past the left margin you marked.